Life Coaching

Each coaching session is unique, interactive, and based on the present inspiration that comes from the Living Connection. We can also have a meditation that will bring you much more clarification than 1000 words.
Because it takes you to the Center of your Being, where Everything starts.

Life Coaching sessions can help you:

– get out of repetitive patterns;

– get out of your own mental maze; broaden your vision over many other possibilities of action;

– regain your self-confidence;

– get out of tense situations and relationships;

– clear away the relationship with your partner;

– clear away your family problems;

– understand your own blockages, limits and get over them;

– clarify the essential aspects for you in terms of job wishes;

– get out of fear;

– get out of stress and negative emotions,

– get over a separation;

– get over mourning;

– take the best decision in any situation;

– get out of depression;

– reconnect to your inner being/self;

– recognize your inner Presence

One-hour online meetings, at your convenience time.

You can attend Life Coaching sessions during the Retreat Camp, too.

Rada, the creator of several channels for inner awakening:

  • Solisis – a school of self-knowledge with several online modules, webinars;
  • Rada Web TV – interviews with people who bring clarity in the field of self-knowledge and conscience + conferences;
  • Pythagora Strasbourg Library – where she has been president since 2015, a fertile ground for conferences, workshops and books, has existed since 1920;
  • Solisis Publishing House – “The Secret Book Of Jeshua”; “Solar Meetings”; “Akhenaton, The Sun Pharaoh”; “The Three Marys’ Will”; “The Shaman and the Christ”; “Francisc of the Birds”, guided CD meditations.


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