Guide for inner connection

Solisis Inner connection School offers spiritual learning, Satsang, online meditations in Romania and France. The school was created after a lot of years of inner practice and many initiatory journeys.

Through the guidance that I offer, the mind calms down and we get to feel the Divine Presence in our hearts.

Setting aside any other techniques or notions, I guide you to experience your own Inner Space, which helps you transform yourself and feel the Peace.

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Regeneration, Meditation, Self-knowledge

by practicing the state of being.

My target is to guide you to learn a practical way of experiencing the

Inner Presence, directly, beyond the mind.

From a vibrational point of view, all that matters is your real essence, not your knowledge.



My way

I speak 7 foreign languages and I worked in the management and Media fields.

My CV: My life changed completely in 2005 when I started following my inner journey and, at the same time, I guided other people to undergo their own endless transforming process.

All my courses and meditations take place in a Living Connection with the Inner Space and in the Inspiration that flows from it. At Solisis school I guide you to reach this Inner Connection through your own practice.

Since 2015, I have been the president of the Pythagoras spiritual Library, in Strasbourg, a 100 hundred-year-old theosophical library that hosts international conferences on various spiritual movements.

Rada Web TV YouTube Channel arose as a follow-on online part of this project. In order to fulfill my dream of offering the Romanians valuable books discovered in the French-speaking countries, I started publishing Living books.

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The inner school

It offers two approaches

Through the guidance, I propose in the 6 months – PROCESS in 25 weekly meetings you are guided to connect with your inner self through a daily practice/meditation that helps you find your balance and rediscover your inner Presence.

LIFE COACHING sessions help you solve specific relationship problems, life situations that seem hopeless, self–confidence, etc.


You can sign up individually or join the following activities

25 weeks, online

Timing: 1 hour

Every Wednesday

7 days in Apuseni


Which inspires the inner process


Which inspires the inner process

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We create the world with our contribution, so get involved to support what is valuable to you.
We are doing the same thing.
You can support us through a donation if you feel that our videos on youtube or our meetings help you, through 3.5% tax and 20% for companies, or through volunteering (translations, transcripts, online communication, photoshop, and others).

Everyone can give from what they have received and we greatly appreciate any contribution.

Thank you!


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