Guided meditations, inspired by Christian radiance.

We open our hearts and inner being in order to be revived and inspired by Light.

We focus our attention on our inner self, we nourish it so that we become aware of who we truly are, rooted in our inner being not lost in the collective mental programming/programs.

Solisis – self-knowledge and inner connection School. These two ways: The Process and the Life Coaching, help people dive deeply into their emotions, thoughts and live the Eternal Now. They can develop the very qualities of their souls, which spring out of love, releasing pain. You are led to getting into connection with your inner light through real experience.

Rada Pantea, the founder of Solisis, teaches online sessions in Romania and France.

She also organizes retreat Camps in The Apuseni Mountains, Romania. The Light is waiting for us to let it in!

Rada, the creator of several channels for inner awakening:

  • Solisis – a school of self-knowledge with several online modules, webinars;
  • Rada Web TV – interviews with people who bring clarity in the field of self-knowledge and conscience + conferences;
  • Pythagora Strasbourg Library – where she has been president since 2015, a fertile ground for conferences, workshops and books, has existed since 1920;
  • Solisis Publishing House – ’The Secret Book Of Jeshua’; ‘Solar Meetings’; ‘Akhenaton, ‘The Sun Pharaoh’; ‘The Three Marys’ Will’; ‘The Shaman and the Christ’; ‘Francisc of the Birds’, guided CD meditations.

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